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Vasiliki Houses> Your home in Vasiliki, Lefkas

Ideal stay for couples, friends and families

Your home in Vasiliki, Lefkas

Set at the edge of the charming village Vasiliki, 1,5 km from Ponti beach, surrounded by olive trees, Vasiliki Houses consist of 3 individual residences ideal for family vacation and windsurfing lovers. All residences offer an enchanting view of Ponti beach, Ithaka and Kefalonia islands.

Ideal stay for couples, friends and families

Built in 2021, these luxurious houses combine contemporary design and amenities able to ensure unforgettable vacation to their residents.

A modern, fully equipped kitchen comes in every house complete with everything you’ll need for meals at home. From pots and pans to coffee machines and even dishwasher are all there for your convenience.

The open plan living area features a comfy sofa, TV (cable) and elegant decorative details.

Each house has an impressive 100 m2 porch with a stylish dinner table and an outdoor shower.

All houses are equipped with individual, all-weather, air-conditioning units throughout and WI FI.

Windsurfing / Beach lovers

The local wind phenomenon in Ponti beach gives almost every day strong winds even for advanced windsurfers. The world famous beaches of Porto Katsiki, Egremnoi and Kathisma are up to 30 minutes by car.






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