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Sea One Private Club

Want to Help Israel? Come and Live in a Seafront Resort

Oranim Group makes it easier than ever for Olim of 60-plus to find the right community and maintain an active, meaningful life in the Jewish homeland

With anti-Semitism rising worldwide, many Jews feel a new sense of urgency to make Aliyah. The well-trodden path for young Olim often includes serving in the IDF, pursuing advanced degrees at Israeli universities, and starting Israeli families, but parents and grandparents wanting to settle in Israel as productive members of society may struggle to find their place. To help Olim of 60-plus, Oranim Group has launched an innovative new project for a hassle-free transition to life in Israel. Discover a built-in community including a workspace environment for professionals; resort style amenities for the body and soul;  cultural and social activities as well as guest units for friends and family – all ensuring that Aliyah feels like a dream come true.

You will wonder why you didn’t come ten years ago!

Founded in 1978 by Menachem Oren, Oranim is famous for creating seafront luxury resorts with the standards of space and comfort familiar to American Olim. Their previous projects, including Gali Sapir in Herzliya, Sea Twins, Sea Pearl, and Royal Beach in Tel Aviv, are lauded for their breathtaking views and high quality design.

Oranim’s latest venture, Sea One Private Club, is tailored to meet the needs of Olim in their golden years, based on years of direct feedback. According to Shira Oren-Nahmias, Oranim’s deputy CEO, the thing that Olim needed most has been missing in Israel until now. “We’ve always maintained strong connections with our clients; they often pop into our offices on the Tel Aviv  seafront.  I ask them why, if they love being here so much, they don’t make Aliyah and live here full time. They always answer that living in Israel is a dream, and every visit a pleasure, however they don’t want to live as tourists and can’t envision joining a community here.”

In response, Oranim’s team created an entirely new concept, complete with a built-in community. Sea One’s members-only club, open to paying members of all ages, offers a full range of amenities and facilities to build an authentic Israeli community centered around a healthy, active, and social lifestyle. Much more than just a residence their Resort-style Residence boasts cafes, communal working spaces, exercise classes, conference rooms, bars, an indoor and outdoor pool, art studio, lecture rooms, cinema, outdoor track, and more.

“All facilities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle are just an elevator ride away,” declares Oren-Nahmias. Sea One  Private Club is open for members of all ages, however units are available for purchasing only by the 60-plus.

The project is located on the beachfront in Rishon LeTzion, just 3 miles (5 kilometers) south of Tel Aviv.  Its central location – just 20 minutes from Ben Gurion and 45 minutes from Jerusalem – makes it a great alternative for Olim who want to be in the center of Israel.

And hosting and entertaining guests has never been so easy: Oranim included 21 additional units that can be reserved for guests of residents. Apart from the beach, Rishon LeTzion has a host of attractions to keep grandchildren entertained, including amusement parks, a nature reserve, and shopping malls.

While Oranim group generally caters to Olim, Oren Nahmias claims that this new project has piqued the interest of many Israelis too. She is confident that the members-only club will create a community to help Olim integrate with their Israeli counterparts.

Oren-Nahmias notes that her own mother was an Olah Chadasha who struggled to fit into Israeli society. All of her mother’s friends were initially other Anglo Olim, and it wasn’t until later in life that she connected with Israelis.

Still, Oren Nahmias predicts that most residents will be Olim. She is determined to make the transition into Israel easier, which is why residents do not have to commit when they purchase a unit. Members can end their membership at any time, and residents may leave and recoup the full unit price after a Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment. Membership and residence are also tax-free, with no purchase tax (stamp duty) or real estate taxes.

Anyone interested in living in this warm, energetic community can reserve their spot today with a bank-guaranteed deposit. The balance is due upon completion of the project, projected for the end of 2024. Anyone interested in living the dream in Israel is invited to contact them.

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