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Mignot family

KAYAS Boutique/Mýkonos> The Hidden Gem of the Island

Mykonos will always maintain its powerful energy and charm throughout the passing of time

KAYAS Boutique is opening  in the Town of Mýkonos next to the iconic restaurant Chez Katrin, bringing to the island the timeless and elegant Pearl Jewellery tradition of the Mignot family.

Kayas boutique hosts one-of-a-kind pieces created by the Mignot jewelers all around the world each carrying the family traditions and expertise that has been refined and perfected through three generations. Remaining as close to nature as possible, the collections are organic and luxurious. Tahitian pearls, pebbles from the beach, sea glass, hamered 22 k gold, uncut precious stones and clay beads are used, all strung on amazing hand worked kangaropo leather to create an individually crafted, elegantly sophisticated ‘bohemian look’. Each subtly dramatic creation seems to uniquely incorporate the marriage of the earth with the sea. Each pearl, symbolic of its utopian origins, appears even more lovely when worn, in and out of the salt water.

 Mykonos will always maintain its powerful energy and charm throughout the passing of time.

Dimitra Tzima Tsitampani

The story of the Mignot family pearls starts three generations ago when the grandparents of Alexander mignot, Maryvonne and Gerard, sailed from Tahiti to St Barths with nothing but a few pearls, to create and establish the most renowned jewellery boutique that has now become a symbol of the island of St Barths.

The Mignot family tribe, with their nomadic lifestyle raised their kids while exploring various countries, seeking the best surf towns and forgotten beaches around the world, creating a family of jewelers that mastered the exquisite combination of Australian and black Tahitian pearls with the finest kangaroo leather and exotic precious treasures. Amongst the paradisiacal places in which the Mignot family has already landed and brought their pearls and other elements of nature are Australia, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Sayulita (Mexico), Paris, NewYork, Lisbon and now Mykonos.

Alexander moved to Mýkonos with Tzima where they worked and created in their atelier in Agios Sostis for 2 summers.

KAYAS Boutique


Their boutique has been named after their beautiful black labrador “Kaya” that was born surrounded by the blue Caribbean waters of the island, St. Barths. She grew up sailing around islands on board of La Niña del Mar II, always by the side of Alexander. He andTzima met a few years ago and their equally adventurous and creative spirits collided. They have been living and traveling together ever since with Kaya and Blu, the newest member of the family. Tzima has been coming to Mykonos throughout her life and her connection to the island makes it the perfect new home for the Mignot family to continue their creative tradition.