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If the countries have been conquered who is the conqueror?

Global health Imperialism

The importance of being vaccinated with the amount you have to spend the rest of your life with

The importance of being vaccinated with the amount you have to spend the rest of your life with.


As fear has spread all over the planet and global economy is in a state of shock trying to track the ideal shelter down, (gold, cryptocurrency, or maybe digital viruses?), at the same time it has to discover who the conqueror or conquerors are, before we -each and every one of us-reach the point to love him or them falling for the Stockholm syndrome.

Fear has already overwhelmed us. We are experiencing the invisible threat. The noose is tightening. Enemy troops are coming. They are getting closer. Yes, the states have already surrendered. Europe has surrendered. The AstraZeneca fiasco is a defeat. It is the European defeat. In fact, AstraZeneca was taken out of the way without even realising it even though Merkel and Johnson tried to defend them vaccinating themselves with their vaccines. Canadian minister Trudeau also showed his appreciation and not only. His moves are symbolic. In a while faces will be seen more clearly, and you will realize the symbolic value of the moves.

In the beginning it is true, the leaders were caught off guard.

Almost everyone. Even Trump. The first who was informed in time by the services was Biden. What he uttered about the patents, he knew could not be implemented, but speaking about patents he was photographing “faces”.

And it is true Biden was person X for his opponents having lived seven lives and openly underappreciating death which has been residing in his family for decades.

And it is true that the unpredictable Biden caused an unexpected rift in the enemy’s camp. Somebody felt as if being threatened with imprisonment and hurried to get out of frame. We are speaking in riddles you might say.

Indeed…….without changing court let us go to something more exciting.

Consider what it means for the global economy and see what it means for the importance of the individual’s purchasing power in it, whether with his salary, income as a businessman or even on the dole and so forth.

The conquerors compared the pandemic consequences to the ones of the Second World War. Obviously, as there is going to be a second round. No few financial analysts are trying to see if because of the digital coin charge euros, dollar, shekel, ruble and so on and so forth will turn to ashes.

What cryptocurrency? What are we talking about? Which money?

Well, the near future of money might be a virus.

Ha, ha…Yes, a virus.

At this point the argument that via the vaccine are going to install in us a microchip to control us is more hilarious than Karen and John from Sacramento being the target of microchip control. What is there to control in a Karen and a John that are incontrollable and take it all out in the open on social media?

No one wants to control Karen and John because the microchip unwillingly could upgrade them and turn them into intelligent individuals.

With “microchipping” though, the meaning of money the way we have known it for generations might be banned altogether. All this could be changed now that we know how to pierce ourselves and gypsies advance-excuse my language- who want the Moderna vaccine patent to set up a factory among their tents and start selling the Moderna vials with their trucks.

Money then, among common mortals could be banned and replaced by a virus or a microchip.

Until births are banned whoever is born will be microchipped or vaccinated with a certain amount which he will use to survive the rest of his life. He will reach college age for example and the value of the kind of studies he will be able to follow will be predetermined. Not everybody will be able to access the same level of studies, health care, entertainment etc..The amount that everybody will be worth will be determined before he is born, when parents will declare that they want children. According to what the value of the parents is, the right amount of money will be vaccinated to the infant for its personal life journey.

What cryptocurrency? What are we talking about? What gold and so forth..Indeed what is coming cannot be conceivable even by science fiction. What could be done though in a short amount of time from now, is for certain people to be arrested one morning. People whose arrest can cause a global blast. That is all for now.

P.S Early in the morning of May the 10th 2021. Just as we had finished the post you have just read, there was a party going on in the Media all over the world about the real reason of the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. The reasons dark and have to do with the relationship of Bill Gates with the morbid Epstein who was found murdered in jail before he was taken to trial for sex trafficking.

Read here and prepare for the thrilling sequel …