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Gain of function (Gof) experiments against Humanity

One Hitler was enough. A single person lured the whole global community into the second world war

One Hitler was enough. A single person lured the whole global community into the second world war.

He persuaded millions of German soldiers to follow him. As a result 80,000,000 people lost their lives.

That was the death toll of the Second World War.

One psycho was enough. Let us go on. In the background of the pandemic the same story is being repeated. A psycho is behind the crime against the Humanity that we have been experiencing nowadays.

A psycho whose sick personality has been tried to be camouflaged within a very well-designed image all these years. Until this image has cracked and bit by bit humanity has been discovering his morbid personality.

This one and only, was the person who lured and encouraged almost publicly the manufacturing of a virus with such characteristics that reveal its human mind origin and human hand manufacturing having the mutual sponsoring by the West and USA of the Gain-of-function (Gof) experiments as an alibi.

The only option of the Global Village is to bring this One and Only to Justice for the Crime Against Humanity.

As far as the vaccines are concerned, what impresses us is that China, country of origin of the lab virus, has few victims in relation to its population. Despite the fact that the virus broke out in this very country.

How can it be possible for the country that gave birth to the virus, a 1,5 billion people country, to have just 4,636 deaths and Greece of just 10,000,000 people is reaching 13,000?

Have a look at what is happening to India for example with a population getting close to 1,5 billion people as well, big global power with top scientists and draw your conclusions.

These are simple thoughts which we do not expect the media mob to share.

As for the mRNA vaccines, they had never been trialled successfully before in their short past life.

For the last five to six years they have been struggling with them but without a result as they harmed other organs as the authoritative website STATNEWS revealed and The Clockwork Orange published.

The argument that Israel managed to have a loss of 6,406 people through vaccination has its explanation: Israel has been an hermetically closed country since March 2020. Until March 2021 there were few exceptions of people who entered the country without an Israeli passport.

Just on the 23rd May it opened its border to a group of vaccinated tourists with the intention of permitting the entrance to individual tourists that will have been vaccinated. Only then will we be able to see if and how the PFIZER/BIONTECH vaccine works in Israel. And as far as its side effects are concerned, we will have a clear view after a couple of years have passed since the vaccination of the people who we hope will be healthy then and mRNA vaccines will be proved a real revolution for medical science and not devastation for humanity.

Today 28th May 2021 a research was published by the Greek and international Media that presents the Chinese vaccine CoronaVAC as the most effective and with the least side effects (almost traditional) for COVID-19.

And it’s only reasonable for this to happen as the pandemic hell started in a lab of this country. It was very simple for the communist government of China to call the known batwoman scientist, who informed them about the handmade virus characteristics and as a result the Chinese took precautions in time so that the virus wouldn’t be transmitted and to manufacture the most effective and probably the least dangerous vaccine.

A vaccine that because of the above reasons is chosen by many businessmen around the world among them Greeks as well.



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