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The selfishness of the Creator

The manufacturing defect in the creation of the world

Why the leaders do not teach the importance of individual responsibility

There had been a manufacturing defect in the creation of the world since the beginning, for which the pivotal responsibility belongs to God himself. It is this specific error, all the aspiring leaders with the religious and political ones in particular take advantage of.

By The Clockwork Orange Times Team

God’s huge mistake was the lack of emphasis on individual responsibility in the well-functioning of humanity. This had to be the first rule: Individual responsibility. On the contrary the instruction was: “Be ye fruitful and multiply and fill the earth”.
That is, the only concern of God was reproduction and increase in population, regardless of the fact that there would be a rise in the number of the killers, the idiots, the morals, the immoral, and all kinds of scum.
The fact that individual responsibility is not taught in any religion or political organization has its explanation. Both religions and political parties want flocks. The larger the flogs the more absent the individual responsibility.
Throughout the human history the biggest dictators and populists bet on the absence of individual responsibility.
We have seen the absence of individual responsibility all over the world during the pandemic. In Greece in particular individual responsibility is interwoven with “dudeness” and wrong egoism-Do you know who I am dude?
The “smart dude” Greeks were the ones that held the “Corona parties”. The same ones that now that restaurants and bars are open cram without masks or keeping the distances into few square metres.

Everybody needs to have a policeman right next to him to enforce the law, the right thing.
Religions did not teach the importance of individual responsibility on purpose. As for God, his selfishness may not have allowed him to teach it to his creations. Individual responsibility demands apart from everything else, reflection, maturity, empathy. These characteristics are not to the leaders’ liking, be it God or earthly leaders.
Kennedy had tried to say something about this and got killed. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”…





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