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The role of Ms Merkel

The Greek Bureaucratic Mafia has existed for 2 centuries and is mighty

It had even bugged the IMF phones

The Greek state is two hundred years old. The age of one of the biggest bureaucratic Mafias of the planet is accordingly the same. The Greek state Bureaucratic Mafia’s. Compared to the Greek Bureaucratic Mafia the Chinese, Italian, Russian, Albanian, Bulgarian Mafias are just college kids!

The two century Greek Bureaucratic Mafia is invincible. It even presents a praiseworthy ability to adapt to any government in charge.
To be precise the Greek Bureaucratic Mafia makes sure it keeps the current prime minister its hostage. No Greek Prime Minister has ever tried to confront them.

The Greek Bureaucratic Mafia has at its disposal an army of almost four million goons within the country and over one million outside Greece. One million two hundred thousand are the Greek civil servants who with their families reach the number of four million members!
At the same time executive members of the Greek Mafia that serve the Greek state in key positions within the country, cooperate with the real mafias all over the world in money laundering businesses, drugs, female juvenile trading. We are talking about human Trafficking!

The role of the indigenous Bureaucratic Mafia is determining in the above dirty businesses. How powerful is the Greek Bureaucratic Mafia,
was proved when the three Economic Adjustment Programmes were imposed, during which no significant reform was made. No civil servant-member of the local Bureaucratic Mafia- was fired while almost all of them resisted when time came for them to be evaluated.

Civil Servant evaluation in Greece is a short joke. Specifically, when they had to be evaluated, their examiners marked them all excellent! Yes, the members of the local Bureaucratic Mafia are all excellent. During this pandemic period, the majority of the Greek civil servants have found the perfect alibi so that they can work from home!

The Greek civil servants except for the hospital staff, the armed forces, and some other services, lie on their sofas and their salary is deposited within the end of every month. Which other Mafia in the world is better organised than the Greek Mafia?

This Bureaucratic Mafia became gigantic with the tolerance of Ms Merkel who shown an unprecedented affection to the ex-Prime Minister Mr Alexis Tsipras who had been the most statist Memorandum Prime Minister.
Ms Merkel provocatively supported Mr Tsipras even after the local Bureaucratic Mafia services bugged and eavesdropped the IMF representative Mr Paul Thomsen. Ms Merkel swallowed all this to support Mr Tsipras, as obviously with him as Prime Minister German business thrived in Greece.

While Ms Merkel was supporting Mr Tsipras, she was making sure that the German arm industries were realising major exports to Turkey. Turkey who with the duo leaders Trump-Merkel in the USA and Germany accordingly, was constantly threatening Greece, creating military incidents in the areas of Evros and the Aegean Sea.
This is how Ms Merkel governs Europe: Strengthening statist Prime Ministers that deny making reforms in exchange for business with Germany. Fortifying also, dictators like Erdogan with armament programmes.
What kind of future can this type of Europe have?

As far as Greece is concerned the IMF predicts that the Greek public debt will rise to 210,1% of the GDP this year. According to a publication of the German newspaper “Handelsblat” Mr Staikouras, the Greek minister of Finance has already provided businesses and employees with thirty-eight million euros to blunt the pandemic consequences.
Last year he allocated twenty-four billion euros and this year he has spent fourteen billion so far. An amount almost double of what the government budget provides.
Normally the Greeks should pray for the pandemic not to end. Whenever this end comes, it will reveal the magnitude of the catastrophic work of the Greek Bureaucratic Mafia with the cover of the German chancellor Merkel.

The Clockwork Orange Times Team



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