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Have they turned their vocation into a Solomon’s Temple?

The doctors’ denial to be vaccinated is terrifying

What is going on with the local factories that undertake the placement of vaccine elements in the vials?

European doctors and medical staff prefer to die rather than be vaccinated. The low rates of vaccination of the first line scientists cause reasonable concern to the people. Plus, they are discrediting their science themselves. Obviously, they know the system from within and the way it works, therefore they prefer to risk their lives rather than be vaccinated.

By The Clockwork Orange Times Team

They are obviously aware of the fact that their science and vocation have acquired the characteristics of the Solomon‘s Temple and they trust no one.
In fact, if some of them were not in danger of losing their jobs as their reluctance rates show, they would not have accepted to be vaccinated.
The fact that doctors(worldwide) do not get vaccinated against Covid-19 raises reasonable questions in the public opinion. What more do they know apart from the fact that the system is corrupted within? How corrupted is the system concerning the overpricing of materials for example or the choice of one material or one company versus another?

Only in the case of the vaccines against Covid-19 which have caused the known side effects, the persistence of the doctors in not being vaccinated because they are afraid of its side effects, will have to be followed by an analysis for the citizens of the world.
What exactly is the doctor afraid of? Where is the risk?
A scientist for example knows better the consistency of an mRna vaccine. He knows exactly what the famous vial contains. So, what is it that the doctor is afraid of and avoids the sting? Is it because of the fact that no one can make sure that in the millions of vials that are manufactured in several countries of the world there won’t be false additions in some of the batches? That as millions of vaccine vials will be produced in a hurry in a factory somewhere in India or Turkey (BioNtech has a manufacture unit here), a mistake will not be made in the addition of an element to the ones the vials contain? What exactly is it that concerns the scientists?

May it be the fact that corruption is so widespread because of the dependence of many of the doctors on the pharmaceuticals’ sponsoring? All these answers might be given through some Wikileaks of the near future.
In the meantime, a video of the actor Anthony Hopkin’s vaccination is circulating that shows the nurse in the following second emptying the content of the syringe. This has given food for thought to the conspirators of the planet.

Her move was recorded by all the Media of the world, but some went into the trouble to present it in slow motion. We cannot be sure if it was the remaining material or all the content of the vaccine vial that was disposed of.
The Video can be viewed here:
So, according to the latest available data of The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), as until today, the 5th of May, only the 62,7% of the health workers have been given at least one dose.
This performance ranks our country penultimate in Europe, among 16 countries that cite official figures in the specific category. Only Bulgaria has a lower rate (20,4%)
Before you rush into blaming the Greek doctors and health workers, if you have a look at the rates of the fully vaccinated doctors and scientific personnel in Europe, you will realise that in many countries, role models for us Greeks, like Denmark, Sweden, France, Island they are lower that the one of Greece. In a similar research that has been conducted in the USA last February almost 50% of the doctors and health staff were against the vaccine!
First place with a rate of 100% is shared between Hungary, Ireland and Rumania, while the absolute is recorded in Island with 98,9%.
Except for Greece and Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia and Slovenia are below 70%.
The course of the health workers vaccination with at least one dose, since the last weeks of 2020 until today. (ECDC)

The total percentage of the health workers that have taken at least one dose in all 16 countries is 80,2%

Fully vaccinated
As far as the corresponding percentage that has been given both doses, Greece is higher on the corresponding list, as it is ranked 8th with 54,8%.
Here too the absolute 100% is of Hungary, while no other country is above 90%(Rumania comes second with 89%)
Total percentage of the health officials that are fully vaccinated in all 16 countries is 53,7%

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