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We had better hide in shelters

Summer 2021> The great experiment of Immortality

The European and American leadership’s unreliability

We are on the verge of the summer of Immortality. This is what the 2021 summer going to be.
According to the president of the European Commission Ms Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen (the one Erdogan kept standing) within her interview that was published on Sunday the 25th of April 2021 in The New York Times, only the Americans that will have been vaccinated against the new corona virus will be able to travel to European countries this summer.

Ms von der Leyen explained that the 27 member states will accept, unconditionally,
everybody who has been immunized with vaccines that “have been approved” by the European Medicines Agency, EMA.
EMA has approved all three vaccines administered in the USA.

“The Americans as far as I am concerned, use vaccines that have been approved by EMA” stated Ms Ursula Gertrud von Leyden speaking to the New York Times. “This will permit freedom of movement, trips to the EU” she added.
She did not clarify when it will be possible for the travelling to begin.

The EU has practically suspended all movements that are not absolutely necessary for more than a year now.
This month the EU member states have agreed to create the controversial “vaccine passports”, travelling permits that will allow people with a vaccination certificate against Covid-19, who have recovered from contamination or are equipped with negative tests, to travel more easily.

If I were the chief of CIA, the MI6, Mossad, or any other serious secret service intelligence I would issue a guideline to the agents and their families especially this summer to hide better than ever.
I would tell them to hide in catacombs or at the top of the remotest mountains. They could also hide -after taking with them the necessary supplies- on the most unexplored Pacific islands.

I would do the exact opposite things to the ones our leaders and the so-called responsible organizations like the EMA, WHO, FDA etc. tell us to do. I would not do that because I believe in conspiracy theories. These people are not conspirators. They are worse than that. They are incapable and some of them have mutual interests.

Their inability is justified by the result. For more than a year after the pandemic outburst and although we are in the 21st century with the technological boom and science progress, the pandemic is still relentlessly scything lives. I wish we had to do with conspirators instead of the inadequate and entangled bureaucrats.

As the European bureaucrats are of known deficiency, some countries have decided to make extreme choices to save their citizens. Some countries preferred the total lockdowns from the start like Australia and New Zealand, not allowing even mosquitos to enter their countries for more than a year and some others were more “yolo” like the Scandinavian countries.

The Europeans, who are known lovers of procrastination and bureaucracy and of kicking the problem towards the future, chose to experiment opening and closing their countries.

They also chose a “let’s see what happens” policy with the vaccines and vaccinations. Even the fact that Ms Merkel delayed dramatically to be vaccinated and so did Macron, is revealing of their modus operandi which is observing first and acting afterwards.

We have realized how unsuccessful the European institutions are with the Greek memorandums. After three of them Greece has managed to have a larger external public debt, the Greek public sector is still unreformed, the Greek banks are intubated, and the Greek economy is a short joke.

The European and the American bureaucrats were responsible for the Greek Economic Adjustment Programmes-IMF. For their result the word fiasco, the word failure, the word “you fucked up” is not enough to prove the magnitude of their failure in our country.

In the case of the pandemic the European and American mistakes are six feet under. Their mistakes are the millions of our dead fellow citizens who- be sure about that- will take revenge and the EU will disintegrate soon. As far as the USA is concerned what happened in the Capitolium with the Trump hooligan intrusion is revealing of the problems faced by the American society, but it also proves how wounded Democracy is in the most liberal country of the world.

While the European and the American bureaucrats urge their citizens to travel with the “green passports” we recommend that you should take your families and hide in shelters all over the planet.

This will be the most dangerous summer if the European and the American citizens take their leaders’ guidelines seriously and start travelling.

If somebody takes into consideration the fact that one of the vaccination champion countries of the world, Israel, is still hermetically sealed for foreign citizens-tourists, without having months pass after the second dose of the Israeli citizens vaccination, we cannot draw any safe conclusions for the effectiveness of the vaccines in real conditions.

As a result, we are walking blindfolded. How wise is the guideline to let people who have been vaccinated (and got themselves a fake green passport cloud) travel freely? You are reasonably wondering what the governments should do.

What they should have done would be to force China to admit the manufacturing of the virus in Wuhan’s labs and to give to the international scientific community the exact components of the virus in order for a medicine or a vaccine to be manufactured that will aim effectively at the virus and its mutations.

Even today China keeps the incriminating elements of the virus manufacturing and the lab leakage after the accident well kept.
This makes the vaccines more experimental and less effective.

The chaotic situation with the vaccines has been recorded in the news reports of all the most important Mass Media all over the planet and of course in the news report of The Clockwork Orange Times you are reading.

The vaccinations in the USA and in Europe are developing into a fiasco that will become even more deafening when some time passes after the vaccinations. Up until today there has not been one encouraging sign of the pandemic handling.

Even the self-announced prophet Bill Gates had to update his prophesy for a return to normalcy.

While in October 2020 he had put the return to normalcy within the end of 2021, he comes in April 2021 and tells us that we have to wait one more year and reach the end of 2022 to be able to start living the return to normalcy.





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