kourdistoportocali.comNews DeskThe reason why there is going to be a dictatorship in Greece after the pandemic

Who is going to be the Greek Putin?

The reason why there is going to be a dictatorship in Greece after the pandemic

It is the only way this corrupted country can be governed

The pandemic is also a crash test for all the countries of the world. A test not only for their economies but also for their institutions. For the functionality of their Democracy wherever there still is Democracy.
Greece has a total of 215 billion euros external public debt and a total of 240 billion euros internal debt. This is how much the private sector and businesses owe each other. The unsecured bank loans only are close to 150 billion euros.
At the same time one of the largest public organizations the Greek Public Power Corporation announces that it employs 13.832 people to whom it pays an average salary of 4.500 euros!
Greece is a deeply in debt state of 1,300,000 public servants!
The only “product” that it can sell is Tourism which after the pandemic has collapsed. The only things that will remain for Greece to sell are the gorgeous villas and apartments to rich foreigners and retirement funds.
Can a corrupted country be saved by selling apartments to foreigners?
The answer is obvious.
Can a corrupted country if it survives the pandemic continue to preserve 1,300,000 public servants whom nobody can touch? They are the “sacred cows” of Greece.
History showed that no Prime Minister dared touch not even a hair on a public servant’s head. The immunity of the public servants Mafia is going to continue. Can there be Democracy in a bankrupt client state that will end up destroyed by the pandemic?

Forget it. The political future of Greece is governments of the Putin, Erdogan etc. type who will not even keep up the pretences. This is the future of Greece. Why not Kyriakos start implementing this regime himself? This is what must happen in order not to give Mr Tsipras the opportunity to come back more a dictator than Putin.






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