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A Storm Is Coming

-Finally feeling the change in the wind

Neil Oliver Warns ‘A Storm Is Coming’ for The Guilty

The Scottish political commentator says millions of lives have been “ruined forever” by Big State, Big Pharma, and Big Media — and that the last four years have been the “most dangerous and blatant assault on freedom and civil rights in the history of humankind.”

“It’s palpable that the anger of citizens is rising. It’s been on a sort of slow simmer for years. It seems to be coming to a boil. The heat has been turned up, or the heat that’s already there is somehow building an intensity.

“You can’t point at any single place on the map, really, and say, here’s the seat of it. The building, anger and frustration and heat and pain is everywhere in the West, certainly. And it’s for all sorts of reasons. There are many symptoms, all coming from the same disease.

“By now, we’ve all endured, what is it, three, four years of the most dangerous and blatant assault on freedom and civil rights in the history of humankind. That’s a fact. And I make no apologies for bringing this up over and over, for worrying at this like a terrier with a rat — because the sustained abuse of our species, inflicted on an unprecedented scale, even after all these years, it remains unaddressed, unconfessed and without consequences for the guilty — so far.

“The guilty have grown sore, have been so confident, blasé, that they don’t even seek any longer to deny the coordinated global collusion of Big State, Big Pharma, Big Media, wholesale collusion that ended completely or ruined forever uncounted millions of lives. And it is millions of lives across the West, around the world, directly or indirectly, because of policies and practices that have been in place …

“You don’t get to shape the world, reshape the world in your own image, to your advantage, to the advantage of a tiny minority, to the detriment of the hundreds of millions, indeed the billions, and then play the victim when someone somewhere says, ‘Enough.’

“A person cornered, a person left with nothing, or who feels he has nothing left to lose, is finally free in a fundamental sense, free to act in any way that suits. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a storm coming. And those who bloody-mindedly sowed the seeds of the whirlwind, who reaped the benefits of so doing for so long, are finally, finally feeling the change in the wind.”