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infidelity gene

International Women’s Day and the infidelity gene

Statistically speaking, men and women are neck and neck as to infidelity

Some women fight for their rights and some fight for equality in ….cheating as many of these gals have more than once cheated on their partner.

“Gender equality is a truly significant achievement for the human kind; and, as men and women are equal, it would be unfair to make an exception when it comes to cheating. Statistically speaking, men and women are neck and neck as to infidelity; however, men still get to win by a very small margin” says Konstantinos Konstantinidis, MD, PSC, PhD, urologist – andrologist, president of Andrology Institute Athens and Director of the Sexual Medicine Clinic in Athens Medical Centre.

Moreover, surveys carried out in all western world have shown that there is a correlation between profession and infidelity.

So, let’s investigate some of the most “naughty” jobs and the reasons why women in these positions cheat the most.


They serve their families well 24/7 and they never complain. But do they explain? Housewives are at the top of the cheaters’ list. These stay-at-home mums work around the clock and most definitely feel the need to live their own wild dreams. Crawling across sexless deserts, housewives are desperately looking for their own sinful oasis that will take their mind away from everyday housework and meaningless errands, points out Dr. Konstantinidis.


Second in the cheaters’ list are the journalists. They are popular, ambitious and role models for the younger generation.

Women of the fifth estate are powerful; They bring their skillful technique of handling news and information into the way they manipulate their partners in bed, since sex and power are two sides of the same coin. Journalists write about the life of others, of sinners, as the life of the righteous is of no interest to anyone. After all, bad news is always good news.

The lives of others are interesting only when we can identify our own sinful thoughts in them”, says Dr. Christos Fliatouras, urologist – andrologist and an associate at the Andrology Institute


Female lawyers are power and redemption incarnate. They have a competitive advantage compared to men, says Dr. Konstantinidis. They will stand by their customers and show all their care and affection like the mother who opens her arms to comfort her sad child.

“It’s motherhood speaking. It’s in the female nature to protect the weak and needy. First she will listen to what he has to say, then she’ll fall in love with him …”. The most dangerous rivals of men are not the strong but the weak. They are the victims that go through feminization and can understand the female soul”, points out the doctor, de-codifying the behavior of the two genders.

Flight attendants

The workplace cheaters list would be empty without flight attendants. Dressed in their sophisticated, masculine-styled suits, flight attendants work their magic on male passengers who are overwhelmed by the polite yet bossy looks of these beautiful ladies and try their best to impress them and seduce them in their turn.

“When up in the clouds, looking down to the smallness of the world, everyone wants to turn into a fascinating, successful version of Mr. Grey who will find a Cinderella able to slip into her glass slipper. Down to earth, when they shut their front door they close their guilts and prohibitions inside their house, and let their senses guide them towards sin that is almost always full of pleasure” explains Dr. Fliatouras.


Women behind the bar are also prone to cheating. They are theoretically protected by the physical barrier that runs between them and the customers. It makes barwomen hard to get and difficult to touch. But customers are tempted, and their constraints are silenced by alcohol. They are most likely to give in for even just one night…

Barwomen are an object of male desire. A divine pray moving behind the bar.

“Love and lust feed on constraints and fade out when the game is no longer tough. All women behind the bar will at some time give in to temptation, even for one night”, say the doctors at Andrology Institute.


Actors are very well aware of the fact that art imitates life but also that a life without art is not worth living.

“We have art in order not to die of the truth” said Nietzsche. In this passionate environment, where all senses are at their zenith, ecstatic like Jeanne D’ Arc and passionate like Pasiphaë, the female actor can turn into Madame Bovary not only when on stage but also in her real life.

Doctors & nurses

Uniforms and pain are known for their strong aphrodisiac action on any sinful mind. Women who handle the pain of their patient, dressed in gowns and scrubs, usually white, the colour of innocence but also the colour of sin – are the object of desire for men who are left on their magical hands and the warmth of healing …

Add the natural tendency of women to protect their patients, and female doctors and nurses may very well find themselves offering not only their professional services but also love to the defenceless male, an easy prey to their lustful eyes.

Financial power

In our modern society, most women are no longer hiding away in their home kitchen but are making their way around the austere business premises in companies and banks (women outnumber men in banks).

Female executives now stand equal in number and power next to their male business partners.

According to Dr. Fliatouras, stereotypes are falling apart like towers of cards. If male infidelity was once based on power, strength and money, women now play their own equal role in this game.


Women are slightly but steadily making their way into politics and many female politicians are far more efficient and successful than their male counterparts.

“As we have already pointed out in one of our previous surveys, male politicians are often more unfaithful even compared to lawyers. This phenomenon is attributed to the aphrodisiac relation of power and infidelity” explains Konstantinos Konstantinidis who is leading the survey.

“Female politicians are not found to be more unfaithful compared to other professionals. A reasonable explanation to this would be that a female politician, who in most cases is a wife and a working mother has no time for looking around”. Another possible explanation is that a man faced with a strong female politician will usually run away, because his mum once told him that only men can rule in trousers. So, a female politician has no choice but to live a life of virtue as she obviously has very limited options in a society that is afraid of flirting.