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The Setai Tel Aviv, Israel

Get there early to nab a sunbed, and don’t move a muscle until you take in one of Tel Aviv’s storied sunsets

Its address in Tel Aviv’s ancient port city, Jaffa, tells you all you need to know about The Setai, a luxury hotel built inside a fortress.

Guests come here for the history—there are stone archways dating back to the Crusades and iron-barred windows from its Ottoman-era days as a prison—but stay for the atmosphere courtesy of London-based firm ARA Design, who injected a heavy dose of Middle Eastern drama into the guest rooms (Turkish rugs, Arabic-patterned light fixtures) and an artful blend of old and new in public spaces (12th-century coins and a clutch of old weapons along with jewel-tone armchairs and glittering chandeliers).

The rooftop, though, is the true stunner.

In a city full of pools (this is the Middle East, after all, where summer temps hang in the mid 90s), the one at the Setai, angled towards the Mediterranean Sea, is definitely the sexiest. Get there early to nab a sunbed, and don’t move a muscle until you take in one of Tel Aviv’s storied sunsets.

Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv coastline and Jaffa Port, The Setai Tel Aviv is a prestigious five-star hotel offering sophistication and tranquility at the crossroads of modern and ancient Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Housed within a historic Ottoman building, once used as a jailhouse, The Setai Tel Aviv offers an enviable entryway to the wonders of the Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv’s full beach coastline and steps away from the city’s bustling boulevards and urban hub.

The 120-room luxury property comprises five buildings of the former and historical Ottoman prison and police station, imaginatively transformed with contemporary touches and classic refurbishments.

The Setai Tel Aviv’s marble and stone corridors connect the buildings and converge within a central courtyard. Original design details and stonework harmoniously compliment modern accents, converging with the restored Turkish Hamam Spa and infinity rooftop pool overlooking the entire Tel Aviv skyline – for breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset.

Located in the heart of the ancient port city of Jaffa, The Setai Tel Aviv beach hotel is as historic as the neighbourhood that surrounds it. Authentic, sophisticated, and welcoming, The Setai Tel Aviv merges the history and heritage of Jaffa with the lavish trappings of a modern-day metropolis.





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