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Casagrand Luxury Apartments

Luxury facilities in a building with a great history

Luxury facilities in a building with a great history

There is nothing quite like feeling at home. Well, perhaps being in a place that is even better than home… Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the moment. Discover Casagrand.

Unique luxury apartments. Far more than a home away from home.

Both the apartments themselves and the common areas – the roof terrace, the pool, the gym, the sauna in the dome – transmit the essence of the architect Enric Sagnier’s modernism.

Sagnier was a contemporary of Gaudí’s who designed this amazing building in 1929 in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona. When you stay here, you really live the history of this great city.


Tel. +34 93 522 27 48
Av. Diagonal, 478
08006 Barcelona

5 star ratingBest apartments anywhere in the world Casagrand must be the best apartments I’ve ever stayed in anywhere in the world. Excellent location in a dynamic, upscale part of town but still within short walking distance to the main sights. The apartment (2-2) itself was huge. We were 7 in all and there was plenty of rooms and bathrooms for all of us. The beds were comfortable, the kitchen and bathrooms well appointed, and the ambience was truly elegant. Casagrand made for a great start to our 2 week Spain vacation. We received a lot of help and good conversation from the staff — they really go the extra mile to give hands on service, something that travelers like me and my family always look for abroad. For the price, the total experience was definitely worth it. I would never hesitate to stay at Casagrand if we ever get to visit Barcelona again!

Bonki A
21 Jun 2018


Casagrand is part of the Aspasios family. Aspasios is a company with more than 10 years’ experience in hospitality and we are growing every day.

Our vocation for hospitality is unstoppable. We learn so much from listening to our guests every day, and they help us improve everything we do. We want to really get to know the people who visit us, offer them the best of ourselves and be their reason to return. We are hard working but flexible, professional yet friendly.





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