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Cheers to epic sleepovers

How to host an epic slumber party

How to host an epic slumber party… well first of all you invite your besties, the only people you can stay up all night and still have an awesome fun-over. Secondly and equally important for your larger than life sleep-over, you partner with Thakoon because you have to give to your girls some options. Kidding or not after lots and lots of bubblies if some of them change their minds and suddenly crave for a night-out, they can just add heels to these great pajamas and VOILA! Pajama-chic read to continue the night.My clan, stayed together for the whole night all clad in our chic yet comfy Thakoon sleepwear, having most probably one of the best nights of my life. A lot of champagne, a lot of laughter and A LOT of gossiping. I have missed them so much….Oh I forgot, let me introduce you properly. Please meet Mara and Lydia. My girls.

In partnership with Thakoon.